The mission of the Veterinary Center of Liberty “Dogs Unlimited Daycare” program is to provide your dog with a great place to be when unable to accompany you during your day. Your dog is welcome to join us any morning Monday through Friday. A sign up sheet is on the front counter to register your dog’s attendance for the day. Each dog is individually walked outside on a leash three times a day for exercise and to allow ongoing housetraining and leash walking skills to improve. All dogs are allowed to play together in our daycare room in small groups to enable them to develop and fine-tune their social skills with other dogs. All playtime is supervised by one of our many daycare attendants who truly grow to love and enjoy your dog. This allows your dog to develop confidence in people when handled by a number of different individuals.

For frequent members of our daycare program, we can provide once a week billing. For the safety of your dog and all dogs attending our daycare, we do require current vaccinations and a negative fecal exam for intestinal parasites.